Chapter 1: Christmas on the Beach

First month and December is here. It is warm, sunny, people on T-shirt and shorts on the streets, sunglasses everywhere and surfers on the water, waiting for the perfect wave to be surfed. It does not look like we are already in Christmas, the Farmer’s Market is still every Wednesday evening and the people make Drum Circles  and dance around it on the beach during the full moon. This is San Diego,”Americas´s finest city”, and exactly  we are going to describe the area of Ocean Beach (OB).

Here seems like the summer is still here, but don’t let the sunshine trick you, this is US, and Christmas is written with capital letter for one reason. As soon as is getting dark, everything changes. The houses start to turn on the Christmas lights, entire neighborhoods competing each other to have the most impressive show in front of their houses. You can connect with some of them to listen to their music with your phone meanwhile the lights and Christmas decoration dance following the sound. You can see through the windows Christmas trees, socks and figures shining everywhere.


The city transforms into the opposite that it was during the day. You can feel now the Christmas ambient, people wearing costumes as Santa, Rudolf or and elf, ready to drink a beer or go to a Christmas party. We can’t forget that it is a must as dress code to wear “Christmas Stupid Jumpers” (I bought mine of a llama with a scarf). The shopping malls are crowded of people buying present for their relatives and friends, food for Christmas Eve and lights for their houses.

Last but not least, on Saturday, 7th December I was watching on the streets the “OB Holiday Parade” where lots of vans, cars and people decorating with Christmas lights and costumes went through the streets with music and celebrating the beginning of this holidays. Every shop closed earlier for this event,  a couple of blocks were completly empty of cars and only the people on both sides of the street (families, groups of young, couples and lots of kids) were waiting for the show that was going to start shorly.

After all this light show, performance, music and costumes, buying presents for the family and your friends, happy hours after work, Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas songs playing everywhere, it is time to go sleep into bed. The next day it will be warm and sunny again, but you will understand that no matters where are you living in the US, Christmas is always written with capital letters.

Alberto Lozano

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