Experiencing the new MoMA

Only after a few weeks of the newly-expanded Museum of Modern Art’s opening, I went to see what all the big fuss is about. I wasn’t disappointed.

The MoMA has one of the World’s most well-selected collections, and although the art and artists it represents deserved a space that is worthy of all their greatness, the building and the exhibition spaces couldn’t deliver on it. The well-known local studio DS+R (Diller Scofidio + Renfro) took on the task to reshape the museum, so it can live up to its true potential.

The first thing you notice after entering the building is the generous space organization. Instead of being an unpenetrable box with small rooms in which you can experience art remotely, the different floors, spaces, the exterior, and the interior are all interconnected. These spatial solutions – which make the building much more comfortable to spend time in -, help in taking in the absurd amount of input of the art content. Still, I would recommend seeing only one level per visit, due to the density of the collection. Besides the grandiose spaces, the materials, the lighting, and all the little details help in delivering a spectacular experience.

Although the bigger focus was on the architecture part during the renovation (and my visit, to be honest), the curators also did their share. The rooms are better organized, the thematics are more effective and the overall concept is much more engaging than before.

Finally, after you’ve spent hours in the museum, you spend another in the museum shop. The more time you spend with their amazing book collection and design products the less chance there is for you to leave empty-handed. And with its generous spaces and soft materials, time just flies there.

To sum it up, the MoMA undisputedly strengthened its position as a leader among the museums of the World, combining gorgeous exhibition spaces with the World’s most exquisite modern art collection. Don’t forget to stop by!

Ákos Orbán

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