When I decided to come to the US, I questioned myself a lot about everything and everything that was part of my life. The trip was getting closer and closer, so I decided that I wanted to see everybody I really liked just before I left. The problem is that I have a lot of friends, family, friends of my friends… And it was very difficult to have time to see everyone, so I had to choose who I wanted to see . So, I prepared a mini meeting with some friends and I was able to say goodbye to most of them as I wanted. One tip: leave the day before your trip free. Be ready and then you can enjoy your family, friends or something you would like to do to say goodbye to your country.

I HATE goodbyes. I always cry, I suffer, it hurts… But this time I could not get away and when I was on my way to the airport my throat had already started to knot. My father, my mother, and my brother took me to the airport. Arriving there, we checked in and took off my bag. The moment of farewell was getting closer and closer. I could see my mother crying and making me cry with her.

When we arrived at the boarding gate I said, «Let’s say goodbye like we’re going to see each other next week? I don’t want to cry …», so the whole family agreed, gave me kisses and hugs and ended. But when I went to hug my brother, he gave me a tight hug and began to wish me good things for the trip. It’s not much to show affection, so it knocked me over. I could not hold the cry because the excitement was great!

Why am saying all that now? When I think about the end of my experience here in the US, I remember of how hard it was for me to come and decide to spend one whole year far from my family and friends. Now, I have to deal with the opposite situation. And again, it’s not going to be easy. In the beginning was way too hard for me to be far from my family and friends, but now it’s going to be also super hard to say good bye to the US and go back home.

So, if you are coming soon, I have a few tips for you. Enjoy every second of your opportunity here. This country is amazing and in the end you’re going to see how grateful it is to stay a whole year here.

I hope you enjoy this opportunity and see you soon Brazil! I’m coming back home!

Victor Daldegan

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