Mandatory Visit to Hudson Yards

It its everywhere in the news, I must go as soon as possible and really experience it!

This post about Hudson Yards is mainly about my explaining my feelings and perceptions on Hudson Yards, the largest and most expensive private real estate project in US history. A “never-seen-before” $25 billion “Architectural Fiasco”, as has been called many different times. As a fact, high-rise duplexes go for $32 million and a haircut costs $800.


After almost a month after the opening, I felt I had courage enough to go there on a Saturday night… What a bad decision! First, from almost any approach, everything is under construction, so something tells you that you are in the wrong direction. The latest and coolest neighborhood in NYC this way?

Once you are able to find the Plaza, you cannot stop staring at The Vessel, a $200 million stairs where people go up but do not really understand the meaning of it. It is a shame that architecture is translated as an “expensive sculpture with stairs that go nowhere”.

Then you can also get into the Mall, where only wealthy people can do shopping. Others just walk by this nonsense building where you can almost feel how cheap the structure is by feeling the vibrations from the subway underneath. Please do walk outside and forget what you just saw.

The only thing I would point out, is the exciting building called The Shed, this building that pretends to bring arts to everyone with a movable structure made of a material called ETFE.


Still, to many unknowns for a place that really wants to attract tourism with business purposes and it will take at least one generation for new workers to feel it as part of their city.

Alejandro Tintore

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