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How to maximize your potential on a Skype interview and draw attention to American companies

Our Job+J1 Visa applicants at Architect-US are no stranger to Skype interviews. Whether you like them or not, video interviews are becoming very common and they are the primary tool used to evaluate candidates that come from abroad. Those looking for architectural and interior design positions in the United States are most likely inaccessible to do in person interviews and they have to be prepared to face this type of interview. While most prefer the traditional style interview there isn’t any reason why things should go any worse doing them this way. There are just a few things that you have to keep in mind and know that there are ways that you can prepare for them. For starters, one thing that should ease your mind is that our Selection Committee makes sure that all arrangements are made so that the call can be placed at a time that is convenient for you and your potential employer. The team makes sure that the time and date are set and that all the information required, such as Skype ID and calendar remainders are sent to both parties. We will also make sure to send you additional notes or specifics on how the interview will be conducted and if there is anything in particular that you should prepare for.

Something else that you should consider is that while you may not like the idea of interviewing on a web platform, you are eliminating the cost of travel in doing so. You are also provided with the same benefits of an in-person interview! When companies express their interest in interviewing you, they will have already received your CV and portfolio, so you will be able to talk about your work during the conversation either by going page by page at the same time during the interview or sharing your screen. Be prepared to do so as well. Make sure that you clean up your desktop background and switch it to something clean and professional. Minimize all unnecessary folders and disable any email popups or other programs as well. Also, make sure that you do some testing beforehand. Test all of your software and make sure that you have inserted the the Skype username that will be provided to you ahead of time. That way you don’t waste time in unnecessary tasks, and you don’t lose potential interview time that is valuable for you. Last but not least, make sure that you prepare the space from where the interview will be conducted. Make sure that the background looks professional and that you have as much natural lighting as possible. If you follow these tips there isn’t any reason why the interview should go well. So, don’t worry! Most candidates have done it this way and they have found the job of their dreams!


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