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Photo by Milkovi

The 5 Best Educational Platforms for Architects and Designers

Find out 5 platforms that can help you with your architectural aspirations, whether it be to get your first job or to learn a new computer software. Check out some of the great tips and ideas we have for you to be able to improve yourself and your candidacy when looking for your next step in your career.

Since the onset of these new times, as a community we have had to adapt to the remote work that is necessary to maintain social distancing requirements. We have found that many from our Architect-US community have been reaching out to us regarding their best options to find new educational opportunities right from home. Well here we are answering your calls and we have compiled the 5 best educational platforms for Architects and Designers in 2020!

1.) Future Architecture Platform

The Future Architecture Platform aims to be a resource for Architects and Designers all over the world, and it includes a library with many resources that can be used to improve your skills and understanding of Architecture. It tries to improve education since it shapes society and society’s social-political issues influence education. Thus, by providing this resource the founders view it as a platform that depends on the community adding their part. The aim is to open up schools so they can become more open institutions mentally and physically. 😁

2.) Autodesk Student Community

It is always important to take advantage of the free resources and assistance provided by software creators themselves. Try this method with any computer software that you have been trying to learn, but are tight on money. They usually provide their communities with plenty of freebies!! 👍

3.) Coursera

This is just one of many online skill improvement platforms, but from reading all the reviews, Coursera tends to be viewed as one of the more complete platforms for Architecture. They have free beginner classes, and they have more advanced paid courses. Obviously, you should do your own research, but joining an academic platform like this one can give you the practice you need every day to improve while at home.

4.) Podcasts with Architects and Designers

Search on any podcast platform (Audible, Spotify, Apple Music etc.) for programs such as Design Matters, Failed Architecture, The Architecture Happy Hour, Talking Practice, and AIA ponder. Find out what areas of Architecture matter most to you, in order to make sure you know what you want and are looking for. We provided you with a variety of podcasts to give you some ideas!!

5.) Vanity Projects and other Architect Influencers such as David Sharp

Vanity Projects is a great example of a webpage hosted largely by one guy, David Sharp, but that provides a lot of value for you as an Architect trying to create their professional brand. Review some of the work he has done, and learn how he markets himself, so you can improve your own campaign.


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