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Greetings from Seattle mural

A dream comes true!

If you asked me one year ago where I’d see myself in a year, I couldn’t imagine this!!

If you asked me one year ago where I’d see myself in a year, I couldn’t imagine this!!

Let me introduce myself, my name is Maria, I’m 25 years old and I’m from Madrid (Spain). After I graduated from my master’s degree in Architecture, I decided to take a break from college and live abroad for a year. I started another cultural exchange program, knowing as Au pair program, where you live with a host family and take care of their kids. I moved to Seattle (WA) and after my year there, I’ve totally fallen in love with the city and the culture, but it was time to go back to Spain and to reality.

It wasn’t that easy to come back home and look for local jobs in Madrid, and my desire to have another cultural experience in Seattle was increasing little by little. For those who don’t know the city, Amazon, Microsoft, Starbucks and Boeing headquarters are there and the city is growing up so fast. What means that the Architecture market is growing up as well.
I knew that with my work experience would be hard to get a job or a work visa to work in the US. But one day, I found out about Architect-US and the J1 visa program and started thinking about the American dream again.

Greetings from Seattle mural

They’ve helped me since the beginning, solving always all my questions and concerns. Once I had the offer letter from JW Architects, they contacted the firm right away and started all the visa process. It’s an easy process if you find the right people to rely on. After a month of paperwork and waiting time – it has taken a little longer than expected due the summer season and the site visit to the office – I finally got the interview at the embassy.
I must confess that I was very nervous about it, my future was at stake! But everything was very smooth, after an hour of waiting in line and a few questions about my training program and the aim of it, the worker told me that my visa was approved!

Now I can rest again and start living my American dream.


Maria O'Connor Nebot

Trainee at JW ArchitectsSeattle (Washington)

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