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What are the most popular methods top architecture firms use to find new talent?

Have you ever wondered where the top architecture firms go to find top talent? This question must be answered for your job search to be effective and actually reach the decision makers that could define your career progression. So listen up!! 🤓

Time is of the essence and every minute counts, so make sure that you are investing your time and effort into the correct platforms, both personal and professional!

We have also been trying to understand where top firms go for their talent! So we have compiled information from 42 different partner architecture firms to give you a leg up in your job search.

1. GF55

One of our larger firms detailed their hiring process, they often rely on on-boarding agencies that are able to provide more specialized skill sets. They will firstly reference their website before moving on to their other tools, so do not give up with your direct applications!

Another firm uses their network of referrals to find the necessary talent, but they also exhaust their website. During our chat with our contact from GF55 they mentioned the use of online advertisements, and their efforts to primarily use existing staff recommendations.

2. Interstice Architects

One of the principals from Interstice Architects described their interview process, and how some hires have been directed to them by other local professionals. They try to foster and grow a strong relationship with the candidate, so many times they are coming out of school.

Many firm’s decision makers are also academics or are tied in with the regional university networks, so referrals from schools, fellow architects, even past clients become more valuable. They also underscored the value that referrals and word of mouth brings to the on-boarding process, especially when you must consider the company culture and team dynamics.

3. OMA

OMA added to the choir of firms relying primarily on referrals, but they also receive many applications through their website. One of the hiring managers from OMA made it clear that they try to balance their search between referrals/word of mouth and website applications.

They also highlighted the important role that Architect-US and other talent management options have expanded their toolbox. Mostly they ask colleagues for recommendations, and always try for a personal referral. Then search online resources such as Archinect or others if they are unable to find the right fit.

As you can tell, there is no one size fits all method to finding top talent, so make sure your strategy is adaptable and can be personalized to different firms. You never want to have a cookie cutter approach to something so personal as on-boarding a new family member! 😁

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