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New York offer is limitless in time and typology, to a point that you lose yourself inside it. It is somehow a good metaphore of what our generation is living in terms of possibilities. We are all wandering looking for a place to settle in and call home. That place in Manhattan is definitely Central Park. Rem Koolhaas argues that the creation of it was “an act of taxidermic preservation of nature that exhibits forever the drama of a culture outdistancing nature“. From a conceptual point of view it might be seen like this. But I believe that the clear, defined and timeless borders between green and grey make it more liveable, more real. From an urbanistic point of view I don’t understand the little triangles of green left between two crossing street. I see that as a space left to nature just for percentages to respect. Unify all of this little areas and place them together somewhere else. When you project an home you need to be careful to preserve the limit between public and private life. In the same way a city should have clear boundaries between green and grey, for people to recognize and adapt to them. Since the beginning of this life parenthesis Central Park It has been helping me finding relax, balance and good shape. It is especially inspiring  during weekdays morning, when hundreds of early risers run through it before diving into the subway. When you don’t have special plans for the weekends, it is there. When you are inspired, you won’t be alone. It was there long before the city was filled, representing the contrast between built and unbuilt. It is the thermometer of seasons and the inevitable to nature. Just take a walk.

Alberto Pizzoli

Architect, born in Verona in 1988.

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