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Hey Everyone

So in this blog i’ll be sharing my experience about my internship and how swiftly i adjusted in my new city- Kansas City, MO. I joined my firm that is b+a architecture on the July 1,2019. My stay in this city has been pretty comfortable the temperature here is about 30 degree Celsius. The Kansas City is beautiful. It’s a big city with 488,943 population. I live in the mid West port which is pretty central. It gives me easy access for my grocery or fashion shopping. City is quite affordable in terms of food, shelter, and travel.

Since I am a foodie, I feel my area is the perfect location to reside in the Kansas city. All the amazing restaurants are at a walking distance from my place. Also all the international foods are available in the market so one doesn’t have to worry about being away from native food

Coming back to my office life. I work in a architectural firm which is a 15 minutes walk from my office. So it’s pretty much my routine to walk with a cup of coffee and enjoy my walk till the office. Well it has just been a week now since i have been working in my firm and i’m already loving it. the people here are so friendly. They always motivate me to be more focus and determined towards my work.

Besides that it’s a lovely experience away from home in a different country. Managing the house and doing the accounts all by myself. Since one is most of the time alone it gives me the opportunity to explore more things about myself as well.

Also i didn’t know how to cook before i came here. So this experience is also helping my learn how to cook. So don’t worry guys you will figure out a way to feed yourself with self made food.

that’s all for now.

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Sunaina Prabhakar

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