Empire State – family visit!

These days have been family days. A lot of close friends and family have been visiting me so it has been a challenge to go with them to a lot of places, but at the same time, different ones, so that I don’t get bored doing the same thing over and over again!

I had been in New York before, but since working here I had only gone up to the Rockefeller Center, which honestly, I still feel is one of the prettiest views of the city. But, since I had already done that, I wanted to try something different, and also my family were saying: “we want to go to the Empire State, King Kong climbs that building!”, and so we went!

It was actually much nicer than I expected because we went around 7pm and saw the sunset from start to end. It was so beautiful. I think that a NY skyline without the Empire State on it is not such a New York skyline, but I must say, it was amazing. Now I just want to go to the Top of the Rock again at that same time!

Before that we had a walk from my place to downtown Manhattan (which is nearly a one hour walk!) and passed by Little Spain (the new spanish Mercado directed by chefs Jose Andres and the Adria brothers), the Highline… Until we reached Brooklyn Bridge. We then went over it and finally arrived to Dumbo. In that area there are two restaurants that I love, near the Jean Nouvel carrousel. The restaurants are Cecconi’s and Sugarcane Raw – the brunch here is AMAZING! So, after a full belly, we walked around Brooklyn Bridge Park, Brooklyn Heights… And finally took the subway back to Manhattan, and that’s when we went to the Empire State!

Anyway, my family loved it, and really enjoyed watching the great sunset.

Arantza Ardanza

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