Legoland Florida theme park.

Since I got here many months ago, I have been visiting a lot of the theme parks that Orlando offers to its visitors. There was one that I still hadn’t visited and was special for me. As a child I was a huge fan of Lego and I still keep a good collection, so visiting Legoland was something that I wanted to do.

The park is a lot more “children oriented” in terms of rides so won´t expect to ride super exciting roller coasters, but it has something different to offer. The ambience makes you feel like you are immerse in a Lego world. All buildings are scaled to transform you onto one of the figures. There is also a huge collection of city models all built with Lego bricks that will leave you thrilled. You can spend a couple of hours admiring all the details. The star wars area will keep you entertained for a good amount of time too.

If you are a big fan of Lego as I am, don’t get lost between Disney and Universal only, visit Legoland!

Ignacio Cerrón


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