Why did I got here?

Hi everyone,

My name is Stan. I have just started a whole new experience in New York, at Re-AD architecture and design firm. I am very excited to tell you more about why and how I got here!

After graduating a master in business development and project management in France, I have been dedicating myself in many different professional contexts for the past 10 years. My career started as a project manager assistant in a railway and urban transportation engineering company, in France and Egypt. I have had the opportunity to experiment all my academic knowledge on huge projects, in highly competitive context.

After two years, I moved to Montreal, Canada, where I shifted to start-up sized projects, in various industries, as urban design, scenography, and construction. It is a scale I feel more comfortable in for different reasons.

Our world is constantly changing, always faster, and it takes flexible structures and versatile people. Result-oriented, thriving on challenging contexts, I have always been creative in how to design process for better project management. From schematic design to work supervision phase, I enjoy understanding clients needs and offering solutions.

As a growing start-up, Re-AD is eager to develop their project management and a specific client approach, with custom-built design and furniture. My profile and experience are pretty unusual in an architecture firm. But, being able to envision and apply strategies, managing building projects, and adapting quickly to a new reality, I applied. And I got the job! Everything has been very fast since then. Architect-US has been a great help to make this happen!

I have wanted to train in architecture and design, applying there at the same time my expertise in project management. I am very excited to learn more about this fascinating sector, in New York context even more! And I will be happy to share with you all about this decisive experience starting for me!

I’m not sure where to write it. Would it be possible for you to explain me, or take care of it?

Thank you,


Stan De Saint Quentin

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