How did I find out about Architect-US Program?

A few months ago, I was scrolling on Instagram, when I realized that one of my closest friends from my college was working in the United States in a prestigious architecture firm, he posted a photo and I was so confused because I didn’t know how it is he did to obtain a visa to be able to work in the US. It turns out that I contact him, and he explains to me everything about the organization “ARCHITECT-US” the most crucial thing is that they will help you with the whole process and you can find your dream to work in the US and grow up your resume.

So I decided to start this dream, and of course, it took a couple of months to obtain, but at the moment that I am writing this, I am a couple of weeks to fly to New York and start with my new job in an important company.

Do you know what will be the most exciting? According to the experience and the professional skills that I have, I will receive a legal salary as a professional in the US, which is good because I can maintain my expenses and enjoy the time during my trainee position in the company. The experience of knowing other cultures and people from other countries is another great thing because I always enjoy meeting different people and learning about their costume and their cultures.

So here I am , looking for the next flight because in a couple of weeks I have leave my country and I will start my adventure to get the opportunity to improve my skills and learn about the construction codes , constructive methods, architectural and engineering software , be more familiar with the english language and with american culture and of course enjoy the experience .

Juan Jacome


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