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Paulo Silva

New York the city that never sleeps but always dreams

Hello everyone, My name is Thomas, or you can call me by real name is Thang same but different meaning. I’m originally from Vietnam, I have lived in Switzerland three year before moving to the US in a year for my intern. I multicultural, easy going and would like to talk about culture and history.

Wow, first of all. The US is not my first choice to come for my internship, and I was looking for the UK and Japan. I’m so tired cause a bunch of people call The US is dreamland even tried to tell me how the US is.  I only sent three resumes to the US and the rest around the world. However, You never know what your life will come through. I got two interviews in three resumes which I already sent. Challenge accepted.

I was depressed by looking for a visa company sponsor. A coincidence brought me to architect US. Believe, If you ever doubt your program are different or not relate to any architect element. Do not worry, I know your feeling, I assume not many people in here who are joining the hospitality industry like me. If your profile does not fit they will let you know, but if they say yes that would be alright.

FYI, New York is a busy city and crowded; therefore, do not go to JFK airport if you do not want to stay on the line in two hours. Moreover, the interview with the US Embassy that depends on each person and each country you are applying. I can not say anything but be honest and calm down; you are doing the right things.

Overall, I want to say I really appreciate Patricia and J1 team; their support are invaluable and precious.

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Quoc Thang Dang

Intern at TroutbeckNew York

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