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2 videos that will give you a wider perspective and a better understanding of your applications

At Architect-US’ Career Training Program we try to give you advice so that you enhance your portfolio in the best way possible. We’ve seen hundreds of them and we know what most companies are looking for and are expecting from your work. So we try to give you the guides that we think are most helpful for you, and “easy” to follow so that it makes a true impact on the employer. Our team has found these videos that we think will give you a better perspective on what companies are looking for and hopefully give you the motivation you need to get your CV and Portfolio ready. Here are the two videos we recommend you watch:

1. Allan Atlee– Head of UCA gives you advice for architecture and interior architecture portfolios.

2. Regina Hartley– TED talk on why the best hire might not have the best portfolio. This is an interesting lecture that will give you an idea on what heads of human resources and companies are looking for. It is also a great video for you to think and reflect about the two types of applicants that are described in the video and in which of the categories you fit.



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