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How Weekly Openings can help you in your job hunt

In our Blog Section of the Architect-US website there is a Weekly Openings section. Here our team posts some of the hot and newly added offers in some of the biggest cities in the U.S.. Cities like Miami, New York, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Chicago, and San Francisco. The offers that you will find in this section are posted on a weekly basis, and you will also find all the other offers that have been posted in the past months as well. You have to know that the weekly openings are current job openings that are in firms in the U.S. They don’t necessarily mean that they are with companies that we are working with. We post the weekly openings so that people can see what some of the current job openings are, as we have many program participants that are enrolled in the J1 Visa program, meaning they are applying on their own and we will process their Visa once they are offered a position.

Accordingly, once you get the job we will be happy to  sponsor your J1 Visa  through our  J1 Visa Program  and help you and your  Host Company  with all the official paperwork related to making your  American Dream  come true. We always tell our participants to share our contact information with their employers as they will most likely have a few questions before deciding to move forward with your candidacy. At that point we will make sure that they understand how the program works and everything that is needed from their end to make this dream of yours a reality. That way we don’t leave you with the burden or uncertainty of having to answer all of the Visa issuance questions that you will most likely not have the answer to. We will be available to you and the Host Company and provide you with the guidance you need so that Your Visa can be issued within 30 days.

All of the tools and resources that our team puts together here at Architect-US are done so that we can multiply your chances at finding the right opportunity. We work with numerous architectural firms in the U.S., but there are also several other opportunities out there that we still haven’t had the chance to work with. We are always expanding our family here and any other firms that we can have jump on board our program we will always be happy to reach out to, and continuously do so. So make sure that you are aware of these offers and that you start sending applications! Anything you can do to find the right opportunity is always good!


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