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Image from second home website

Selgascano’s second home venue design in Hollywood

SelgasCano – Madrid architecture studio directed by José Selgas and Lucía Cano – has designed a plant filled campus as a creative business center for entrepreneurs and innovators. They will open -the first U.S. location of the second home in Hollywood, California.  Second home first opened its doors in London and then expanded to Lisbon, with the aim of creating a community for entrepreneurs and small business to grow and to help promote creativity in different cities around the world. This second location aims to open its doors this summer and will be the home to 250 different organizations. It will also include a bookshop, 200-person capacity auditorium, post-production facilities, a restaurant, meeting rooms, event spaces, and beautiful outdoor terraces for people to enjoy. All intended to enhance the wellbeing of its inhabitants and increase professional productivity of the different spaces. It is not the first time SelgasCano tackles a project outside of Spain, and in the coming years we will probably see more and more of their projects in different cities in the U.S.

Image from second home website

Much like the intent of the second home in Hollywood, architecture too is seeing a promising rise on global talents and in the exchange of creative ideas. This Hollywood outpost will offer diverse cultural programs that will be open to everyone with the hopes of promoting the value of cross-cultural exchange. This beautiful campus with 60 single-story oval-shaped studios will all be linked by twisting pathways, all huddled by abundant gardens housing more than 6,500 plants. Its design will be recognized by the use of unconventional materials, daring furnishings, and the abundant vegetation throughout the different spaces. The venue will open its doors in September 2019, so if you are planning a visit to L.A. in the next few months, make sure that you check out the venue which began its construction in 2014, and will finally be open for the public to enjoy.

Image from second home website


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