Magic on Broadway

I have heard about Harry Potter as a teenager. I felt slightly too old for children’s stories, but my aunt assured me it’s worth reading and all her adult friends are fans already. I took the book of the first episode in my hands and fell in love with its magical world instantly. When I heard that there is an adaptation of this world on Broadway, I knew I had to see it!

We have purchased tickets well in advance, as we had a large group of people, who had to sit together. There are actually two shows, so you have to but two tickets. When you buy the whole package, you can sit at the same spot for both plays. We have chosen to see both shows back to back on a Saturday. The first one is at 2pm and the second one is at 7pm, so when you are done, you have just spent an entire day on Broadway! They play it in the Lyric Theatre, which is a perfect setting for the magical world, as the interior already looks like it could be part of Hogwarts. When we took our seats, we had a pleasant surprise. The stage has already been set, which gave a great mood of anticipation. A few suitcases immediately remind an avid Harry Potter fan of Platform 9 3/4 and the Hogwarts Express. The story takes us to the world of another generation of wizards, the daughters and sons of the beloved heroes of the first era: Harry, Hermione, Ron and surprise: Draco. I will skip the spoilers, so you can enjoy the show yourselves. The show is famous for its impressive projections, that are so real, it almost feels like magic really happens on stage. There have been many oohs and aahs from audience, kids and adults alike, me included. They have made the most of the Harry Potter franchise, even cups and snacks have been branded. They have set up a photo station with the flags of four houses, where people lined up for a precious photo. You have the chance to sort yourself to a house, as you wish! It has been a long day and almost 5 hours sitting in the same seat, but totally worth it. I might read the book again. Haven’t been disappointed in the quality in Broadway yet, it is excellent as always.

Peter Koncz

I am an architect with 7 years of experience in the AEC technology sector.

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