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Conference on Architecture 2019

I went to Las Vegas for the second time last June 5th to attend the American Institute of Architects – Conference on Architecture 2019 with the theme, «Blueprint for a Better Future».  The three day event gathered all the students, associates and professionals in the field of architecture, engineering and construction to explore, network, develop professional experience and learn new trends and technology related in the  field. There were hundreds of seminars, workshops, tours and product presentation that was very informative and educational. On Day 1 and 2 there were Keynote Speakers who talked about the latest innovations and how they were able to impact the society they are in even with current issues in the United States such as racial discrimination, gender stereotyping and many others.



As a Filipino Architect, it is quite an experience being part of it. You have the opportunity to meet new people and exchange ideas, see products that would you might need in the future and have the opportunity to ask how their products work or how they are made and a lot more. The experiences will give you that adrenaline to be an architect who just don’t design but goes beyond their capabilities and explore outside their comfort zone. This conference made me think of what I can do to my community in the Philippines when I go home. We deserve structures that are designed not to just give shelter to people but also to encourage the occupants to be part of the change that we want in this world. Architecture is a very challenging field and we all want to create something that can change the way people see more than just buildings and structures.


Gessa Abriol

Filipino Architect.

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