Roadtrip | Death Valley National Park

I was told that living in LA without a car would be close to impossible – public transportation is probably not the best in the country, distances are greater than you can imagine, the rhythm of the city simply requires the use of a car, and well, traffic is always a good and easy topic for a chat here. All true – but it is actually more than doable, and so far it hasn’t been so bad for me, as long as I give myself the opportunity of renting a car once in a while and treat myself with a short roadtrip. So I took the chance for memorial Day weekend and decided go explore to Death Valley National Park. The drive itself is an amazing experience on its own – including (or maybe not) the part where a 4 hours drive turns into an 8 hours one because you didn’t take into account the fact the it is Memorial Day Weekend and that traffic is going to be crazy – but I guess that makes it for a true Angelino experience.

We got to a small town just outside the park at night, and we stayed in one of those really ‘pictoresque’ motels you can find around the US when you’re on a low-budget.

Death Valley has so many spectacular spots, so many things to see and opportunities to walk, hike, enjoy the surreal landscape, and only once there you realize that a couple nights are definitely not enough. There is a pretty intense amount of tourism, so you would need to take your time and explore a little further the most tracked routes to really breath in the atmosphere in a bit of solitude. Still, even around people, the views and the roads are amazing.

Livia Cavallo

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