Hiking the Adirondacks

Hiking the Adirondacks

Located in Upstate New York, the Adirondacks are the perfect place to mix a bit of life in the countryside with life in the Big Apple so we decided Hiking the Adirondacks.

This beautiful state park is home to over 2,800 picturesque lakes and ponds, 30,000 miles of windy rivers and streams, countless waterfalls, and over 1,500 miles of hiking trails.

Hiking the Adirondacks is what draws most to the area, it is home to hundreds of mountains, 46 of which are 4,000 feet or more above sea level with Mt. Marcy being the highest at 5,344 ft.

Some say here fall is even more beautiful than in Vermont, and I tend to agree. If hiking is not your thing don’t worry! Take a scenic drive in the fall down Rt. 73 through Keen and to Lake Placid. Once at Lake Placid, you can take the scenic highway up to the top of Whiteface Mountain, home of the 1980 Winter Olympics and the 5th tallest peak in the state!  No matter what season you choose to go, no matter what way you choose to explore, you can’t go wrong in the beautiful “Forever Wild” Adirondack State Park.

Our pick was Cascade Mountain (4,098 feet) the thirty-sixth tallest peak in the Adirondack Mountains and members of the 46 Adirondack High Peaks. It’s a very popular hike to a pair of scenic summits and one of the easiest High Peaks to reach, thanks to maintained trails and a relatively manageable hike length (that still delivers a workout).

It is also recognized for having one of the best summit views in the Adirondacks, with about two-thirds of the High Peaks, Lake Placid, and even Lake Champlain insight on clear days.

It will only take one trip to fall in love by hiking the Adirondacks. ♥

Denisse Gerard


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