Hey Ho, Let’s Go!

Hi everybody! If you are checking this blog, probably you are looking to start your next adventure in the States. So let me talk to you about mine so I can convince you to take the next step! 

First things first: I’m Alicia, a girl from Malaga who since her first visit to NYC almost five years ago, dreamed to work in the city. But dreams can stay just like dreams if we don’t start to move. At the very beginning, it’s frustrating to just think about where to start. So thanks to a professor at my university, I got to know Architect-US and everything became a lot easier. 

I was so sure about the fact I wanted to be a trainee in the big apple, as much as I wanted to be in a small studio where my involvement in the project will be bigger (I already stayed in a corporate, and It was not for me). And even though it can sound very difficult, Sonia and Pablo were helping me from the very beginning. 

But there are always little nightmares in all Fairy Tales. In my case, as in many cases, it was called COVID-19. A week before getting to the city, VISA was approved and everything settled, frontiers were closed. 

On the other hand, they were always there trying to look for a solution and helping me to find a new opportunity in the city. And two years later, I can happily say that my adventure in NYC is about to start! I couldn’t thank them enough. If it wasn’t for their help, I couldn’t have crossed “living in NYC” from my list of “things to do before 40” 

18 months seem so long, but there are so many things to do and some many places to visit that I don’t feel there are hours enough! Even if it is the city that never sleeps. Wish me luck! 

Alicia Palacios


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