Almost in America!!

Almost in America!!

Thanks to Architect US I’m moving to NY in a few weeks to work on a practice I truly believe. I got to know Architect US randomly  through the internet and have to say I’m happy I did. Everything went really smoothly and in matter of no time!

Booked already my flight so basically just sorting my life in Lisbon so I move without forgetting anything. Despite the stress to pack all your life into few suitcases its nice to think how sorted everything is. The fact that I’ll be having a stable professional opportunity expecting me makes all this process smooth and easy. It’s almost like there is nothing to worry about.

My office has taken care of every possible aspect from health insurances, to commute cards and even helped me out finding a place to live! As a Portuguese citizen I have no idea which neighbourhoods of the city will be nice, have good accesses and so on, so its really nice to count with them to help me on my search.

I’ve been to NY when I was 15 so I guess might be a bit different from back then. Also, the fact that as a tourist only have been to the most typical destinations will be interesting to see more than that. If it’s like the movies haha. Hear about it being intense and overwhelming and that everyone should have this one experience. Let’s see. I’m definitely curious.

I’m also curious and eager to meet my colleagues, see my future office for the 1st time and get to know what I’ll be working on. This is a very exciting moment in my life and can’t wait to start it 🙂

Ines Sarmento

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