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The 5 things you will receive in a FedEx package and also need for your embassy appointment

Once you have received an offer from a company we will begin processing the documentation that is needed from your end and also from the Host Company’s end. All the requirements that you need will be discussed with your Architect-US’ program advisor. Your advisor will make sure that you submit all the required docs that you need and will also check that everything is in order and meets the requirements set forth by the Department of State. From the Host Company’s end, we will make sure that they submit and fill out the required documentation like: DS-7009, Host Company Agreement, and the Worker’s Compensation Policy. Once we have received everything and our team has verified that the documentation is in order, we will submit everything to ASSE for final approval. Once the training placement plan has been checked and approved, you and the host company will receive a copy for each to sign and submit to us, that will be checked and the final draft will be sent to you in a FedEx package. Everything that you need for the embassy interview will be on that package, which will include;

1. Original DS-7002 (Training Placement Plan)

This is the one that you will receive via FedEx package. You will have to make sure that you take a copy along with you to the embassy appointment.

2. Copy of final Draft of the DS-7002 (Training Placement Plan)

Once we have collected your training plan with signatures, we will send you the signed documents in this package, which you will need to present in the Embassy appointment.

Please note that you will have to bring all the documents with you to your Embassy Appointment, so we strongly don’t recommend you scheduling the appointment until you have your FedEx Tracking Number.

3. SEVIS fee payment receipt

The SEVIS fee of about $180 must be paid through the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement; read through the I-901 Fee Payment Tutorial

4. DS-160

Visa applicants must submit the completed DS-160, Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application for the J1 Visa online. What you have to do is Print and keep the DS-160 barcode page to take to the embassy appointment.

5. Photograph

Make sure that you take a clear, color passport photo with you. The correct size of the photo has to be 2×2 inches (51x51mm). Photos can usually be taken either inside the embassy or near by, but it is important that you have taken care of this prior to the embassy appointment. preferably days before it, that way you don’t have to stress on it on that day.

Just remember that once you receive the package you will receive clear instructions on what the next steps will be and what you will have to bring along with you for the embassy. Just make sure that you take everything with you! If you have any questions you can always ask any of the members of our team for help.


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