A night at the Ballet

One of my close friends visited me in NYC over the Christmas holidays and gave me a ticket to see the NYC Ballet Tchaikovsky performance.

Ballet and performance arts are one of my biggest passions and I hadn’t had the opportunity to see the NYC Ballet before, so this was a perfect gift. The grand opening for the Tchaikovsky piece was in late January so it wasn’t until a few days ago that I could finally see the show.

The performance was a fantastic. There were two things that caught my attention the most: 

  • First, the simplicity of the scenery setting and clothing of the artists. Unlike many ballet shows, this time the focus was put on the dancing technique rather than on the narrative of story.
  • Second, the elegance of the audience. Most of the viewers were dressed up for the event. The fact that champagne is served in the breaks also adds to this distinguished situation .

I gladly recommend going to see the NYC Ballet while in NYC, not only for the amazing performance but also for the experience of spending an elegant night at the amazing Lincoln Centre.



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