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my dream job in the USA

I got my dream job in the USA! This is my experience with Architect-US

Miguel, an spanish ETSAM graduate, shares with the Architect-US community his love for architecture, art and New York. And recommends the best jazz clubs!

The moment I decided becoming an architect was……My heart has always been split between music and art. My father is a musician and my mother is an illustrator. Since I lived most time of my life with my mother, I guess I was more art influenced. But art wasn’t enough ambitious for me. When I was a kid I loved drawing imaginary worlds, machines or video-games in section. So I thought architecture was the way to do it the rest of my life and hopefully make it real one day and get my dream job in the USA.

I always dreamed of working in the USA…

…As I said before, I’m both passionate about architecture and music. So my dream of working in the USA is mainly because of New York, the quintessential city and the place of jazz. I visited the city 10 years ago as a tourist and I’ve always wanted to come back as a professional, which is a very different experience! So I struggle myself to achieve my dream job in the USA.

What I love from my current job at Cetra Ruddy is…

…The people with no doubt. Since the first day, they made me feel like home.

By contrast, what it took me more to get used to was…

…The professional world is different from the academic world. I was used to be very experimental with architecture but in this office you have to deal with a lot of parameters you don’t learn in school. So it’s being a little hard to get used to the real world!

If I have to define the Architect-US experience, it would be…

…Totally advisable if you want to live an incredible experience in the USA and you want to get your dream job in the USA. Both personal and professional. Also, through Architect-US it’s easier to work in the USA rather than if you try to do it by yourself.

What I’d like to know before coming to the U.S. is…

…Architect-US helps you a lot with any question you have before coming to the US. How to find an apartment it’s the main concern but they gave me wise advice.

In New York, you cannot miss…

…So many things! And so many I still have to discover! But what is unique here is jazz music. Go to a jazz club. There are a lot, some of them very expensive but they are the best, like Village Vanguard, Birdland or Blue Note. But if you don’t want to spend a lot of money you have to go to Fat Cat. There you can listen live and good jazz music and also play some games like billiards, table tennis, chess, etc.

What I’ll always miss doing…

…Music everywhere, of course.

I never expected…

…That I would find such a great people in the office and in the apartment. I don’t know them since a lot but I’m having a very good time with them and we have a lot of things in common!

If I only could choose a moment of Architect-US experience, it would be…

…The day Cetra Ruddy hired me and I knew for sure that I was going to reach my dream job in the USA, in New York!

The plan I don’t get tired of doing is…

…Walking through Manhattan streets and looking to the skyscrapers while some musician is playing jazz music in the street!

You can read Miguel’s posts and know more about him here.

Miguel de la Ossa

Trainee at Cetra RuddyNew York

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