Wonderful fall weekend in upstate New York

As the summer is slowly came to an end people rushed to squeeze one last outdoors program into their weekend in early September. After the warm days are gone, it is still possible to find outdoor activities that are tailored to the changing of seasons.

In September and October, it is customary to go apple picking in this area. In the past weekend, we went upstate New York to visit Barton Orchards. The idea of apple picking is not just simply picking and buying the apples you can find. There are a whole lot of activities inspired by the farm life that you can enjoy. They have corn maze, animal petting and riding tractors for the city folk to get a taste of the rural life. You can pick vegetables, as well as apples and after all that you can enjoy the compulsory apple cider doughnuts! People line up in long queues to get them, as they are so popular. They are sweet and tasty indeed and have proven to be an excellent souvenir to share with colleagues on a Monday morning. Looking forward to more weekends like this in New York!

We have been exploring the neighbouring towns and places simply using maps and found a true gem near the orchards. We had this idea that there may be great vineyards in the region and went looking for one. We have stumbled upon Millbrook Winery and it was a really lucky find. The building is located right in the middle of the grape fields, so you have a great view. Unfortunately, you can only approach this place with a car, but it’s a worth drive and driving is easy on the countryside roads. The wine tasting consists of 6 wines for a reasonable price and you can purchase more from the ones you liked. Much better deal than shopping in wine stores. They also have a barbecue restaurant, which we haven’t had time to try, so one more good reason to return! It’s a lovely place to bring your children too, they can run freely in the yard or around the little lake, while you are having a picnic by the benches near the water. Fun weekend hopefully more to come!

Peter Koncz

I am an architect with 7 years of experience in the AEC technology sector.

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