The month of parties

Hello everyone! Here I am once again to tell you about another experience in this great year in American.

Summer is gone and it is beginning to be felt, even in California. So, my outdoor summer plans start to turn into cozy gatherings with friends.It is strange this time of year in the United States. As a European, November is another month on the calendar for me. However, here are a few weeks full of celebrations!

Starting at the beginning of the month, we have Halloween. This was my first Halloween for me and I must say that the experience has been unique. Everything I’ve seen in movies and tv shows all my life is true! The streets are full of children trick-or-treating in costumes and the neighborhoods are decorated with spooky pumpkins. The funniest thing was that in my office, after a happy hour, we decided to come to work that day dressed up. It was really fun attending meetings surrounded by zombies and monsters.

After Halloween comes Thanksgiving. This celebration is possibly the most American thing I’ve ever seen. Definitely in my country we have no idea about this party, and having experienced it has been incredible.
The less good part is that this party is (usually) aimed at getting together with your relatives around the same table. Something really difficult considering that you are living alone on the other side of the world.
However, what are friends for, right? The truth is that Los Angeles is a place full of young professionals far from home, so my friends and I celebrated our own “Friendsgiving”.

And finally, comes the part where my mind was blown. Once Thanksgiving is over, and I mean a day later, the United States turns on its “Christmas mode”. This means that in just one month, in the same supermarket you can see Halloween decorations, meals to go with the turkey, and finally Christmas trees!

It is clear that this only happens here.

Miguel Majano


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