Large cities tend to make us feel uncertain about whether we will get adapted to the new rhythm of life, including the behavior and culture of people who live in the cities and weather as environmental factors. The food for some isn’t essential; however, for some that come from countries with a marked cuisine, such as Japan, France, and Peru, might be the main factor before moving to these large cities.

Most of the largest US cities tend to be comfortable for those from foreign countries because the population that compounds the neighborhoods tends to be multicultural, despite where you’ll work or stay. As an example, in NYC, Manhattan and Brooklyn are multicultural neighborhoods in most areas. You’ll feel comfortable despite where you come from because hospitality for foreigners is historically prominent.
Behavior and Culture, about my opportunity in NYC, what highlights to the New Yorkers is their gentleness; however, it will take time to align your life rhythm to theirs to make the adaptation process easier. Despite the city that you choose to take an opportunity, the key to getting adapted and feeling comfortable will remain on the attitude of co-living with people of different religions, races, sexuality, and ways of thinking. My recommendation is just to be respectfully open to people.

If you’re planning to move to the US for an opportunity, this country is large, then the weather is different by state, and also per city, there are cities with comfortable weather. There are some cities that you have to be more aware of their weather because they change drastically then; My recommendation is to use weather apps these apps are accurate and effective, letting you be ready with the right clothes for any day. An example can be NYC, one day can be slightly warmer then you have to use a lightweight coat and the other day can be a cold day with some rains, this day you’ll have to use a thicker coat, Bennie and have an umbrella , the key is the using of the weather apps is simple, effective and will let you maximize your adventure everyday in the city where you’ll move.

Moisés Arauz


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