Summerstage in Central Park

One of the great things about Central Park, apart from being gigantic and located in the middle of the city, is the number of things going on all the time. People are sunbathing, reading, playing frisbee, baseball, biking, skating, walking dogs…

Then during the different seasons, you’ll have ice skating or rowing boats, frozen lakes and snow, or people looking for shade under the trees. In summer, from June to September, they host a huge amount of great concerts in the park, called Summerstage (no explanation needed), which also happens in other parks around the city.

Some of them are free and others need a ticket to get in. The artists coming and playing every week are great and it makes it tempting to go on a hot Wednesday evening to enjoy some live music in the city.

As a recommendation, you should always try to get tickets early for the shows that need them, as they usually sell out, or get in line a bit early to make sure you make it inside (otherwise, it’s not a bad turnout to take a walk around the park at night). Once inside, the venue is not too big, with some stands for seating, toilets, and some food and drink places to make the wait more enjoyable. The shows usually start when it’s still day and go through the sunset until night, making it a great experience to live inside the park.

A few days ago was the last concert of the season, already under the rain and with a bit of cold, which made it more special as the closing event and marking the beginning of the new season.

Now, getting ready for the fall and looking forward to next year’s edition of the Summerstage, but before that, many more things to come.


Julio Picatoste


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