NYC is not only NYC… Weekend trip to Washington DC!

Two weeks ago I had the chance to go visit the more than well-known city Washington DC for a weekend. It was a hot and sunny experience that I enjoyed and I highly recommend!

First stop was Penn Station, where a few friends and I got into a bus on a Friday afternoon. The reason why not plane/train/car is because it is the most affordable way to get there, with tickets ranging from $40 to $50 round trip. That basically means no excuses for not going to the capital! We stayed at a hotel located on Dupont Circle, a very centric and cool neighborhood.

On Saturday morning, we visited the Arlington National Cemetery, where ” the dead of the nation’s conflicts have been buried, beginning with the Civil War, as well as reinterred dead from earlier wars”. After that, we walked by Georgetown and its riverside. For those who don’t know this neighborhood, it is a charming area with Federal-style architecture, cobblestone streets and fashion and design shops.


Moving on to Saturday, we rode the National Mall by bike, which allowed us to visit the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument and the Capitol. It is amazing how monumental buildings are, most of them being monuments facing the Mall. After that, we went to the Eastern Market, a farmer’s market with a vintage looking.


On our way back to the hotel, we stopped by the White House, but due to a reconstruction of the main fence, we were not able to take the classic photo everyone expects. Again, back to Union Station and bye bye Washington.

It was an intense but very summery weekend, extremely recommended and if possible, spend a few days more… I am sure this was not my last visit to DC. See you next time!!!

Alejandro Tintore

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