Once upon a DECEMBER!

After the second star to the right and straight on ’til morning…   ☆

We arrived directly to NYCity! Magic Christmas City!

Back to report you about the scandalous life of Manhattan’s elite, where the lives go mad! Christmas is coming, winter is also too, and visiting New York is an awesome white fairy tale full of lights. Snow is something you missed when you live in the Caribbean.

Magic Broadway Musical is waiting for us… Anastasia!!

So let us dream for Once upon a December… in Miami!


The best version of Miami Girl here, your one and only source into the famous life of SOBE’s elite.

The most famous art event in the world, which originally from Basel is celebrated each year in Hong Kong (China), Basel (Switzerland) and in Miami Beach (Florida, USA). This incredible art fair, promotes the most important artist of the moment, and attracts the most important buyers of art of the world, dressing the city with their best shows, events and private parties.

The Art Basel Week could be consider, The Golden Week in Miami. Full of actors, models and famous characters who increase the glamour of Miami to the top. Highest level of the year, highest level of yourself!!!

Best moment to create my own company of Art in Miami: www.icara.art and close this amazing 2017 year from Madrid!!

I love you 2017!! Thanks for bringing my two favorites cities to me.  MAD ♡ MIA

You know you love me!


Miami Girl

Raquel Rica


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