Last thursday I received a call from an italian friend thinking about a weekend in NY. Some hours later he was already on board, and saturday morning he and his brother from Chile were in Central Park. As any unespected and unplanned things, it was fun to live. My tour-guide position imposed me a decision: what is the best way to experience the city in just 2 days? We rent some bikes and started the journey from W57, going downtown along the Hudson river.

Some fancy stops in Chelsea, a burger in Greenwich village and then across Manhattan to reach a bridge, the most famous but wrong one on a saturday afternoon. Crossing it on a bike in a peak hour was an experience I don’t suggest. At least those ropes always create a very good perspective. Once in Dumbo we went to “Instagram alley”, a very famous street with two brick buildings framing the blue silhouette of Manhattan bridge, we relaxed in the park and then jumped on a boat to take advantage of the golden hour. The trip took us to east 34th street through Williamsburg, Greenpoint and Long Island city. When you live here and you feel overwhelmed by the routine, moments like these are the best medicine.

The day after a more classical quiet lazy day in Lincoln Center, Central Park, and finally Roosevelt Island where we could unleash our little dog friend that was part of the company. Back with the tramway to Manhattan it was already time for a goodbye sunday pizza last supper. An intense and needed quick breeze of home.

Alberto Pizzoli

Architect, born in Verona in 1988.

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