“And suddenly you know: It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.” I was so sure of what I wanted and the whole process felt very natural to me.

Right now I am getting ready to start this new experience fully confident. However , if this isn’t your case and you are still in doubt questioning whether or not go through with it, let me tell you – I know it can be tiring and overwhelming sometimes with all the paperwork and the bureaucracy of it all. Just try not to think much about it, Architect-US team will guide you through every step of the way and make your life easier.

The process of getting the J-1 Visa took some time and the pandemic did make things a little harder. The US Embassy was effected considerably, they were working really slow with the interview appointments. Therefore, I ended up requesting an expedited appointment. Make sure to be available you get one chance only. Evidently, everything turned out great. The Embassy interview was probably the easiest part of all, some basic question nothing to be stressed about. My advice is to take it easy and be patient.

Now to the good part, in a few days I will be joining Fusco Landscape Architects located in New York . As an architect I have always found myself drawn to nature and its surroundings, I believe it is our duty to create organic places beneficial to human experience. Not sure which excites me the most, the work I will be doing or living in this fascinating city.

Here is a picture of the magic of this city just so you feel inspired like I was since the first time I visited it. To myself and future others – Good luck out there!

Alejada Memia

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