OMG! I am in love with this new adventure in US.

My first month experience as an architect in US.

I will complit my first month in a few days  and I AM AMAZE BY THE EXPERIENCE!!!.

When I was in my home country I was so scare and excited about this experience, I did´t know how the job was going to be, my life was going to change so much, far from everything that I know  however, guys, I have to say this  is completly  worth it and I couldn’ t be happier.

IAE, the architecture company that I am working for, has an amazing team, really friendly, youth and with a lot of energy to work,  they have been making me  feel  almost like  at home but in a different language.

And I feel so blessed and grateful with this experience, that words can’t describe it right.
I am doing what I love, architecture in an amazing good architecture firm, learning so much!, meeting every day cool people and adding to that, I got a car!!, that is actually my first car!, I have an American permit to drive and I just got an  studio apartment for my self! It have been a crazy ride with so many good things all at ones, and it all happened in less then 1 month…
It Feels like life couldn’t get better… I have to say that I can’t take the hole credit for my self, I have amazing friends and boyfriend who have been helping so much to make this experience the best possible.
And then, now from my apparment I remember the Dani who was in Chile wondering to do this or not, the Dani who was so scared about this experience… thinking how hard everything would be, and I am not saying that it is so” easy”, but it was not as bad and harsh I saw it in my thoughts, it makes me wonder how many time I have limited my self just because the the circumstances looks to big in my thoughts, but actually when you live it and face it, is not as big as your fears where telling you, because when you dream and fight for it, you can!  and I just can say to you all, guys please, lets live this life fully, never limiting our self, taking that fear and making something beautifull with it, always growin,  learning and open for new adventures!

Daniela Santibañez


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