NYC in the fall

Fall has really been interesting in the city, everyone is officially back from their holidays, getting back to their routines, and back to serious work.

Seeing the city come back to a slower and calmer life is really interesting, after the rush of the summer. Being in my architectural training, I felt this difference between summer and fall. We are now back to being focused on more deadlines and focusing on different matters. Being in the last part of the CD (construction document) phase of the project I was assigned is really challenging in all kinds of ways. First of all, I am learning a lot about how to structure a complete CD set, what should it consist of… Additionally learning how to review a set and add comments, notes dimensions… is also very interesting since it is a must. Lastly working on a deadline, the most important aspect in my opinion, learning how to prioritize tasks, optimize our time and being the most productive.

This month has been really enriching in many different aspects. with the weather getting colder and rainier, cultural activities are become more prominent. The perfect rainy Saturday plan is going to the museum, and luckily New York is the perfect place for that. The number of museums and exhibitions is amazing, with new shows, performances, plays, pop-ups every week. I hope I will have enough time time to visit all the museums on my list as well as trying to watch musicals, plays, ballets…

A very cool experience I attended this week is the Gustav Klimt – Gold in motion immersive exhibition. Located in the former Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank, this exhibition takes you on a journey through the artist’s most iconic pieces. This exhibition was one of the highlights of my cultural month!

Sarah Sioufi


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