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j1 intern vs j1 trainee

If you are considering joining the Architect-US program it is important that you understand the key differences between what makes you an intern and a trainee. This is mainly because depending on which of the two you are will determine the duration of your Visa. As an Intern you are only allowed to stay for a maximum duration of 12 months, and if you are a trainee the duration of your visa can be up to 18 months. So, it is important that you know the difference between the two and what qualifies you to be either one. Nonetheless, if you decide to take a plunge into this program, you’ll quickly realize the benefits of this learning experience and just how much you can bring back into your professional career and self-development. Don’t take it from us, take it from our participants who’ve joined our program and worked in some of the top U.S companies in the cities they’ve been dreaming about.

For example, – Gunjan Sharma– one of our program Interns which started her adventure in D33 Design Planning Inc in San Juan Capistrano, California. So far, she is just loving her experience in the West Coast of the United States. She was introduced to her team in the firm and soon upon arrival she had to attest to her skills. She was guided through the ropes in the beginning, but then she was given responsibilities in the firm that she will be able to take with her throughout her entire career, and she will be able to have one of her first professional experiences in a foreign country added to her CV.

Another great candidate – Ignacio Cerron– talks about the immense personal growth that he was able to take from the experience working in RVJA in Orlando as a Trainee. Everyone of our participants takes something different form their experiences, and that can range from personal growth, new perception of the world, immersion of different cultures, but everyone is going to be able to take something, and that is experiences and friendships that you will last a lifetime!




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