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Old and Modern Architecture


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It´s been a while since I posted on the blog so here it goes. I found that the topic of old and new architecture is quite interesting and while working at MVMK Architects I’ve encounter some projects of this matter.  Architecture technologies and styles are evolving, we as Architects believe that there has always been some kind of tension between contemporary and historical buildings, . Conservationists believe that it is important to prolong the lives of old buildings through carefully planned preservation practices to preserve history that the buildings represent. On the other hand, contemporary architects and their supporters are in favor of technological and architectural change and progress that become to represent the present.

So that said it is always a good approach to carefully pay attention to detail and  design to these kinds of projects which are becoming more popular and interesting.  The rendering attached is a recent building that was designed at MVMK even though there is no existing historical building the facade involves the design of an old looking building  with a modern addition in front. We can clearly see the difference of materials but still certain harmony prevails.

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