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The 2 things a Host Company must comply with in order to avoid a Site Visit

As per regulations set forth by the Department of State and by our program here at Architect-US, there are a few requirements that a company must meet in order to be accepted as a Host Company for any of our current and future program candidates. We do this so that you are assured an appropriate work environment and one that is successful and beneficial to your training program. The way that we do that is by making sure that the company meets certain requirements if they have not previously hosted any J1 participant, and if they haven’t, the J1 Visa sponsor must conduct a site visit. Here is the list of the requirements that every company has to meet in order to be accepted as an appropriate company to host a J1 participant:

1. Number of Employees

Every company has to have a minimum of 4 employees on pay roll, otherwise they cannot host any of our J1 participants. If the company has less than 25, a site visit has to be conducted by one of our area representatives so that we can ascertain the eligibility of the company. There hast to be a ratio of 7:1 in order to host more than one J1 participant. Therefore, if the company wants 2, there needs to be a minimum of 14 employees, and so on.

2. Revenue

If the company has less than 3 million dollars in revenue, a site visit will have to be conducted. During the site visit, several criteria will be assessed to determine eligibility.

These are the two main criteria that every company has to meet so that they can avoid having to have a site visit. If they don’t meet any of the two criteria, the area rep will have to make sure to do the appropriate assessment of the company. However, it is not for any company to worry, unless something is completely out of the norm, we must conduct site visit to a large portion of the host companies we work with, and there haven’t been any problems in the past.


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