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4 Requirements the DS-7002 asks from the Host Company

The Form DS-2019 or “Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor (J-1) Status” is the main document that is used in the administration of the exchange visitor program. It is a requirement set forth so that every candidate which takes part in this program is assured an appropriate plan for the entire duration of their stay. The DS-2019 states who the exchange visitor is and where they will be working (details of the Host Company). Its aim is to provide a brief description of the exchange visitor’s program, including the start and end date, category of exchange, an estimate of the cost of the exchange program, and the different phases of the program. This document will be sent to every host company and it is to be filled out by them and approved by ASSE. To make sure that Interns or Trainees (click here to see the difference between an Intern and a Trainee) are adhering to the correct guidelines, the form must follow this format:

  1. Assessment

In this section of the form, the Host company must include the methods they will use to evaluate the performance of the Intern or Trainee during the different phases of the program. As it is an exchange program and an opportunity for the participant to learn and take the best out of their time in any given firm, we want to make sure that they are provided with the appropriate feedback so that they can learn and grow as a professional.

  1. Objectives

Depending on what the role of the participant will be, the HC must explain the different objectives of each individual phase. Detailing the length of each phase, skill areas, what type of knowledge exposure you will be presented with, and your involvement for each phase.

  1. Duties

Detail the specific goals and objectives of each individual phase. That means, explain how the participant will execute the tasks at hand and complete each of the objectives which are set forth. Outline the involvement of the participant and how he/she will use their skills (or learn skills) to complete the task. In this area the HC can mention specific actions the participant will have to do, or perhaps the software or tools that will be used to complete the task.

  1.  Participant and Host Company Information

In every phase of the document, there will be a clear description of the Program Supervisor and his/her qualifications. In the form you will also find information on the participant and the Host company (address, email, phone number, salary description, etc.).

All of this is to ensure that every participant will take part in different roles within the office and that he/she will be given the opportunity to participate and learn from all aspects of their related field. If you have any questions regarding the form or any other requirement for the Host Company please contact us or refer to the other posts in our blog section.


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