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New Orleans, The City of Vampires

Hello Everyone,


I am one of those people in love with series, especially those with vampires, werewolves, and witches. Anyone who watches, also knows that half of this type of series takes place in New Orleans, so it has always been a dream since The Originals, to know the famously haunted city of New Orleans, Louisiana. However, NOLA is not only known for its walks to cemeteries and voodoo shops, but the architecture of the city is also very special. Full of balconies, colors, houses on stilts and charming cafes, definitely not to be missed.

I chose to go to Nola at the time of the Madrid grass, which is like a carnival, as I am from Brazil and I was jealous of not being there at that time of year, I decided to try a different carnival. I arrived Friday night and it was a little chaotic to leave the airport, everything was stopped because of the stops on the main streets of the city. I decided to go to the most crowded weekend of the year, which has its advantages and disadvantages. That night I decided to go for a walk on the famous Bourbon Street, which is crazy, the street was full of people drinking and having fun, I loved the party people were doing, but I went back to the hostel early because I wanted to enjoy Saturday.

Saturday morning I woke up very early to meet the empty French quarter before all the tourists woke up, I managed to take great pictures. Then I went straight to the original café du monde, where they only serve coffee, coffee with milk and the famous beignets, beignets and a very characteristic sweet from that region. As I arrived very early, I didn’t take a line to get in, but when I was leaving there was a line that went to the end of the quarter to eat the famous candy. From there I continued walking through the charming streets of the French quarter towards the Garden District, where the architecture is a little different.

I spent hours walking between the houses, antique shops, hats, and voodoo, around 2 pm I stopped at another delicious coffee I recommend, I ate the best chocolate stuffed beignet. As the day was beautiful and the forecast for Sunday was rainy I decided not to go to the museums and cross the city by bike to the New Orleans City park where the oldest oak trees in the USA are located, what a beautiful place. I went back to the hostel for a rest and went back to Bourbon Street to enjoy the night, I got home at 2 am, I had a lot of fun.

The next day the weather forecast was unfortunately correct, it rained a lot the whole day, so I took the opportunity to rest a little in the morning and took an Uber to the Holocaust Museum, I spent the whole morning until lunchtime, I used to eat in another typical restaurant in the southern region, I simply ate very well, lots of fresh seafood, I fell in love with New Orleans cuisine.

And I went straight to the airport, it was a quick trip but a lot of fun. I realized a dream and another tick in my list of destinations in the United States.



Nathalie Hellmich

Trainee at HoosVero Beach

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