Alice in Wonderland as the theme for the Halloween Part at JW Architects.

Every year JW Architects celebrates Halloween in a special way. About a month ago, one of the principals announced that they were looking for volunteers to organize the Halloween Party of 2019, so I decided to be part of the organization team as part of the cultural exchange and as an opportunity to get closer to my co-workers.  I was very exciting to be part of this experience, since in Spain we don’t really follow this tradition.

The theme of this year was Alice in Wonderland, which gave us a lot of possibilities and ideas about the decorations.In the first brain storm, we thought, we wanted to make every  room of the office a different scenario of the movie, the red queen roses garden, the mad hatter tea party, the rabbit hole, the chessur cat world, absolem and his mushroom field… The agenda for the day was to prepare something for breakfast and a party at the end of the day during the time of Design Forum that we have every Thursday afternoon.

After all, we decided to focus on a couple of rooms for a matter of budget and time. The lobby was the red queen rose garden where we had the party with different snacks, boozy tea cocktail and different games we’ve planned with cards and riddles. The decoration was based on big cards on the walls, roses red and white and some brushes, we also played the movie during the day in that room. In the kitchen we hosted the mad hatter tea party for breakfast. We went to goodwill and bought a lot of random tea cups and cake trays which were perfect for the theme. We ordered some English muffins, cookies and tea. It was the perfect English tea party!!!

Following the tradition of Halloween and the trick or treat, we made for every one in the office a little set with the tea cup, some chocolates, tea, candies, and some popcorn which include the invitation for the breakfast and party.

The party was great, everybody loved the decorations and the ideas we had. Ahhh and almost everyone at the office wore a costume, there was a contest!! I’ll always remember this day, it was a fun way to spend the day at work! I´m already looking forward for next year!

Maria O'Connor

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