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Manual to survive during your 1st month in a NYC office

Inches, feet, yards, letter, paper, tabloid, 1/2, 1/4, 1/33 … new measures, new paper, new scales !!! 

We all know US has different mesures, type of paper, vocabulary and scales. It’s not so hard to understand them but when you need to use them everyday, sometimes it’s helpful to have some tools that make your work faster.

  1. Master Pro Trig Calculator This calculator has not only all the usual trig and calculation functions but You can also effortlessly work in and convert between feet-inch-fractions and metric units. It saves time and I can assure you that is a kind of best friend at work.
  2. Between Borders – This blog has nice charts with all the conversions of paper sizes.
  3. Scales sheet – This sheet is really useful for a quick consultation of approximated equivalence between metric and imperial scales.
  4. Scale Modelers world – Is a tool that can be used easily convert from any unit in any scale to any other unit in any other scale. It’s often used for scratch building projects.
  5. Human Dimension and Interior Space: A Source Book of Design Reference Standards – This book is similar to Neufert and consists in the study of human body measurements and anthropometrics mesures, based in American standards.
  6. A Visual Dictionary of Architecture: Edition 2 – This dictionary provides  definitions illustrated with detailed, hand-rendered drawings. Combining text and drawing,  the term can be comprehensively explored, graphically showing relations between concepts and sub-terms.
  7. Architectural Graphic StandardsStudent Edition – This book condenses key information from the definitive industry reference and provides a powerful learning resource. Covering design and documentation for a variety of projects, it offers extensive visuals adapted to our professional practice. It has information on important architectural developments and movements, with some coverage of sustainability, economy, technology, and more alongside current building standards and practices.

That’s it! the most important is covered! Now don’t panic when someone ask you to do a survey, a model or a detail… everything will be under control!

Margarida Cleto


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