E1 – First month in NYC!

Landing in a completely new culture is not difficult as it may seem. This first month has been pretty intense but full of enthusiasm for exploring a new city. Looking for a place to stay, meeting new people at the office, understanding how New York works, small things that made time flew.

Two days after my arrival I started working in MQarchitecture. Week by week I am assuming more and more duties. I have the opportunity to work on different scales in very interesting projects. I love my walks to Central Station through Park Avenue after working hours. Despite theatres, museums and buildings are closed due to the lockdown, I have visited a lot of places (from outdoors!). Empire State Building, Central Park, New York Public Library, Times Square, Wall Street, World Trade Center, Brooklyn Bridge…

After the first two weeks, I have found an apartment located in a good neighborhood, only two stops away from Columbia University and half an hour from my office. My roomies are super nice and the place is close to the Hudson River. I am lucky to be in a place so close to open air and space in a quite dense city.

Like so many other places worldwide, Coronavirus has paralyzed the city. This is the third week working from home. For now, we could go for a walk or take some fresh air but other activities are not allowed. It is strange living in a city full of life as NY and finding now empty its streets. ArchitectUS and the Chamber of Commerce have given us information and advice about the effects of Covid19 and how to act during the lockdown here in New York and we are following the Government recommendations.

We should be positive and optimistic in these hard moments. Days are longer and longer, and summer is just around the corner. I am sure this Corona nightmare will be finished soon.

Stay safe!

Juan Carlos Bragado


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