Happy Lunar New Year!

January is about to finish, and New Lunar Near with it! I didn’t know it the US was such a big thing, in the last week everyone has been talking about it, it seems that is has become a famous celebration for everybody. In my case I had double celebration! The first one was at work on Friday with a super cool lunch and bunch of different Asian dished that I had never tried before, and de second one with my friends at my place. This one was also super fun; we went to an Asian supermarket to buy all the ingredients and we made a huge tray of dumplings! It was the first time I was making them, but it is super easy I am sure I will make them again! It is a fun plan to do with friends and spend a nice cold winter evening at home. Chinese new year’s celebration has been officially established a new tradition for me!


Time goes so fast in this city! I cannot believe it is been 4 months since I arrived. It feels it was yesterday, and I have this feeling more intense after spending Christmas break in Madrid visiting all my friends and family. When was there I had the feeling the past four months were like a dream and I was returning to my reality. But then one week and the dream went back to reality.

I have to say that coming back from Christmas holiday has been a bit difficult but after one week working, I was again feeling super happy of being here! I am learning a lot about architecture and new ways of approaching architecture and design. Different ways of communicating and working. The office is so great we have a really good atmosphere and people is warm and nice, making my stay lovely. Definitely working here is broaden my horizons and enriching my professional and personal life. I encourage people 100% to try this experience in being unforgettable.

Maria Diego

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