The end of summer

A different summer where take advantage of the wonderful outdoors Seattle and WA have to offer during a global pandemic

l can not believe it is already September, the summer time has gone so fast. This was probably one of the weirdest summers of all times for everybody, but hey, that doesn’t mean we did not find a way to get the best of it .

Here, in Seattle, the hot days don’t start until mid July and it really never gets too hot that is uncomfortable.The days are very long and the colorful sunsets are famous.This is the perfect weather to enjoy the hundreds of outdoor possibilities that the city and its surroundings have to offer, and most important, are covid safe.

Probably one of the best investments we made for the summer was to set up a nice sitting area in the backyard. That was my retreat after a busy work day.  It also allowed us to have some friends over while we all stay outside and being safe. Another times, I would just meet with my friend at the beach or lake where we were able to enjoy the company as well as the views, while keeping six feet apart .

Since we are working remotely, we are spending so many more hours at home . I’ve always been the kind of person who likes to go out often , and these “covid-times” have made that very difficult. After four months of stay-at-home order plus bad weather I was feeling trapped at home and had the need to enjoy every single minute of the summer.

I enjoyed a couple of camping trips with the bikes. The feeling of spending the next 72 hours in the forest and without service was never before that appealing. I was able to finally unplug from work and the global crisis.

One of my favorite thing about Seattle is the proximity to the water, either the Puget Sound (sea/ocean) or the lake. You can easily rent a kayak or a SPU (stand-up paddle board) or even take your own tube. Lots of options to keep you away from the crowds and still have a great time.

I would say that overall, l had a very good summer. Now is time to get ready for the new “normal” fall season. what’s next?

Maria O'Connor


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