1st Month

A month passed by, and it seems like it’s been three months!

As I took my cat with me (yes I took my furry friend on my adventure in LA), I already had a room rented before leaving my home country. It was difficult, but not impossible, and it saved me a lot of painful wasted time by looking for a flat in the first weeks.

Let me tell you, I feel fortunate! I love how everything is new. The supermarkets, the city, the job, the landscape, the language…
At the same time, I don’t feel that I made such a different move. I feel comfortable here, I feel like I am at home. Of course, it helps that I am quite an independent person, detached from places or environments.

<h2>The job!</h2>
I had already lived and worked about a couple of times and I can say that I am lucky with the company where I am working. Since the beginning, they were always so supportive and helpful!
Of course, the initial stage is just an adaptation to what the company does and getting to know their work and how they do it, and I can’t say how much thrilled I am to start working on all the parts that they do. I feel truly inspired!
I was never used to being introduced to working methods or such an amazing work environment and conditions! It is a step up in my career as an Architect!

<h2>Los Angeles!</h2>
I come from a small city, far from the capital, where everything happens in my country.
Now, I have access to loads of amazing events. Just this month I went to the concert of one of my favorite teen bands, and I doubt that they will ever play again in Europe, how crazy is that?

Now, my next plan is to buy a bike so I can explore more corners of the city on my own, as the weather here is always wonderful!

Maria Lima


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