This Christmas, I have spent all vacations in the city, having the opportunity to enjoy a lots of events with my New Yorker friends.

Christmas started since Thanksgiving. In my office, we had a great pot luck, in which all the employees brought a homemade dish from our country. Spain, Ireland, China, Taiwan, Serbia, Greece, Cyprus, Israel, Peru, Colombia, Russia, and America, of course, were the participating countries in such an international meal, like if it were the Olympics. It was a great opportunity to have a very good moments, sharing experiences and cultures from different countries which I really enjoyed with.

In addition, my friends and I took an incredible road-trip to Washington, where I fell in love with one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s houses which is located near the city’s surroundings.

Then we reach to Christmas. As I said, I was in the city, spending it in a very different way from my traditional festivities in Spain, with my large family. However, I really enjoyed the immense joy in which the city, full of Christmas decorations, was wrapped with. The city was more empty than usual, which was good, in order to have more fresh air to breathe.

We spent a different Christmas’ eve watching stand-up comedy in a club, in the heart of SoHo. The Christmas day was in Chinatown. This is because Chinese, like Indians, are the few cultures that do not celebrate Christmas, so, lucky us, we could have a hot meal in the day when everybody is closed, having lunch with their families. One week later, we spent New Year’s Eve cooking Mexican food, guided by one of my friend. Then, we came to watch the fireworks at one of the best parks in Brooklyn, with an amazing panoramic view to Manhattan. It was all new and unforgettable experiences, to point one of the best Christmas I have ever had.

The last Christmas’ day, I went with my friends to see the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, and, of course, we loved the ice skate rink. We also liked the one at Bryant Park, which is a little bit bigger.

As for the city, the mere fact of walking along its avenues and streets is a real show in itself. I will end the first new year’s post of 2020, committing myself in the next to continue telling my experiences, because New York is immense and I am absolutely sure that I will have many more experiences to relate.

A big hug for all of you and I wish you a happy and prosperous New Year.

A. Buades

Alicia Buades


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