professional experience in the USA
Ven Veo

So happy for this new professional experience in the USA!

Today, 5 years ago I graduated from the University of Buenos Aires. Then I did a postgraduate in Real Estate Development in the same University, but I always wanted to make an experience abroad and I am now on my new professional experience in the USA!

New York was my dream City. But… how could I find training there?! How could I make all the visa process on my own? It seemed impossible. After searching a lot, I found Architect-us and I applied for a professional experience in the USA.
immediately. I had never heard about them, so I was a little afraid. But as soon as I started speaking with all their team, I realized how helpful and professional they were!
In the beginning, they helped me to improve my portfolio and then they worked so hard in the order I could find something that I really liked! Finally, an amazing opportunity arrived and they started helping me with all the visa process, that would be impossible without their experience! And they are always there helping when you have questions. They answer immediately!
 I have just arrived in New York and I’m so happy to start my training and my new professional experience in the USA!

Nicole Ini


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